Naturally Cleanse Your Lungs

OmniBreathe is an all-natural supplement that helps cleanse and detoxify your lungs. It clears mucus buildup, strengthens bronchial health, and makes breathing easier for anyone suffering from congestion, allergies, or the effects of smoking.

Flush out toxic tar and start breathing better than ever before!

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How It Works

OmniBreathe contains a blend of clinically proven vitamins, herbs, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants that work together to cleanse your lungs — helping you enjoy deeper breaths that lead to more energy and freedom in life.

Taking OmniBreathe daily will restore crucial vitamin levels, flush out toxic tar and particulates trapped deep in your lungs, balance mucus production, and soothe inflammation and irritation. No more congestion, wheezing, or suffocating mucus buildup!

OmniBreathe gives your lungs the nutrients they need to get healthy — and stay healthy!


Cleanse Your Lungs From Tar & Toxins

The powerful natural ingredients in OmniBreathe go to work right away to loosen and flush out nasty toxins and suffocating tar buildup from years of inhaling pollutants, smoke, allergens and other damaging particles. You can expect to notice benefits within 24-72 hours!

Not only does OmniBreathe work quickly to help restore your lungs, the nutrients also help you keep your lungs healthy long-term. The longer you take it, the more benefits you can expect to see!

OmniBreathe is especially effective for smokers and people living in polluted areas.


Reduce Mucus Buildup & Clear Your Passages

OmniBreathe thins out excess mucus that gets trapped in your lungs and clogs up your airways — meaning you enjoy deeper breaths that give your whole body more energy.

Within a few days of taking OmniBreathe, you'll notice the suffocating feeling from thick mucus buildup disappearing. No more constantly clearing your throat or feeling like your lungs are bogged down — just smooth, clear breathing all day long.

OmniBreathe is the perfect antidote to icky congestion and frustrating allergies!


Bring Your Lungs Back To Life

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The comfort and easier breathing you experience from OmniBreathe makes it easier to quit — and you’ll clear out the tar and pollutants MUCH faster!

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Fast acting and life-changing. The healthiest habit your lungs could ask for.

4th Feature

Not only does OmniBreathe help prevent coughs and colds, but it also relieves asthma and COPD symptoms. Time to breathe easy!

Here’s Why 50,000+ People Love OmniBreathe

The Easy Way To Enjoy Optimal Lung Health

Two capsules a day is all you need!

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step 1

Take 2 capsules daily

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step 2

Go about your life like normal.

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In 24-72 hours, your lungs will start feeling better than ever!

What’s Inside OmniBreathe?

OmniBreathe is loaded with good stuff. Here are just a few of the supernutrients working together to strengthen your lungs:

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Vitamins A, D, & C


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N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)


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Cordyceps Extract


Our Mission: Healthy Lungs For Life. No Drugs Or Additives, Ever!

OmniBreathe was inspired, in part by one of the founders, Dasi Lin, who's grandfather struggled with chronic lung problems for years. No drug or treatment seemed to provide lasting relief for his congestion and breathing issues… but after a chance encounter with a naturopath, he discovered the incredible power of addressing lung health from the bottom up.

Dasi worked with top naturopaths and respiratory specialists to create a natural formula that would heal and detoxify the lungs from the inside out. After seeing incredible benefits for his own lung problems, Dasi knew he had to share this solution with others suffering from difficulty breathing… and OmniBreathe was born!

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Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Try OmniBreathe risk-free and if you don’t love it, we’ll fix it.

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